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28 November 2023
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23 February 2024

eCase Team volunteering at C Care

Our team recently spent an afternoon volunteering at the C Care Kitchen in St. Kilda, Melbourne, helping to prepare meals for individuals and families experiencing food insecurity and social isolation.

C Care was founded in 2011 as a community initiative to help provide culturally appropriate meals and friendship for new migrants. This initiative slowly expanded from a few families per week, to 250 individuals prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic to now almost 1,800 people from all walks of life who experience food insecurity and social isolation.

Their mission is to connect the community through food and friendship and to date, the team at C Care has provided 29,478 meals, 12,760 volunteer hours and 23,180 kilos of fruit and vegetables to people in need.

During the volunteering session, our team were busily preparing ingredients for meals, making their famous oat cookies and packaging and labelling food containers to be presented to C Care’s recipients.

Health Metrics CEO Paul Brindle commented: "We work everyday with great people who make significant contributions to our community by providing care to older Australians. I'm therefore delighted to see our team taking time to step up and volunteer at C Care. Giving back to our community's is an important initiative for our business and we'll be organising more volunteering opportunities for our team to participate in next year."

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